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Aerial Silks

Aerial Arts of Rochester offers levels 1 - 5 of aerial silks. It is very common for students to repeat levels and everyone advances at their pace. Don't worry about your strength or flexibility, we'll help you to build that from the ground, up!

Aerial Silks Level 1 $100Purchase required to enroll

New to Aerial Silks? Start at Level 1 to learn how to wrap, pose, stand and invert. Ages 13 and up welcome.

Aerial Silks Level 2 $100Purchase required to enroll

Level 2 Silks is a continuation of level 1 foundations adding the basics of aerial drops. Must pass all Level 1 requirements to enroll.

Aerial Silks Level 3 $100Purchase required to enroll

Level 3 is for those able to perform hip keys in the air, knee hooks and leg crochets. Must pass all level 2 requirements to enroll.

Aerial Silks Level 4 $100Purchase required to enroll

Level 4 Silks will include slack drops and sequences. Must pass all Level 3 requirements to enroll.

Aerial Silks Level 5 $100Purchase required to enroll

Level 5 silks will allow you to explore artistic transitions, fun shapes and the freedom to create moves. Enrollment by invitation only.

Aerial Silks - Dynamic Duos $100Purchase required to enroll

Tricks will be tailored to each dynamic duo.

Straps and Strength $60Purchase required to enroll

Corde Lisse/ Rope $85Purchase required to enroll

Chains Specialty Series $50Purchase required to enroll