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Aerial Hoop & Trapeze

At Aerial Arts of Rochester, our Level 1 courses combine both hoop and trapeze as the are very similar at the beginner level. Then, you may choose to pursue aerial hoop or trapeze when moving on the level 2.

Hoop & Trapeze Level 1 $85Purchase required to enroll

Students will learn the foundations of dance trapeze and aerial hoop, such as how to mount, dismount along with basic poses and transitions. Movements at level 1 can be applied to both apparatuses.

Aerial Hoop Level 2 $85Purchase required to enroll

You'll challenge your strength and flexibility as we continue to explore poses, more complex transitions and rotations. You will need to take level 1 aerial hoop prior to taking this class and have instructor approval.

Aerial Hoop Level 3 $85Purchase required to enroll

Level 3 Hoop will explore drops and moves that require additional strength and flexibility. Must pass all Level 2 requirements to enroll.

Dance Trapeze Level 2 $85Purchase required to enroll

Level 2 Static Trapeze will include rotations, entry level drops, foot hangs and more! Must pass all Level 1 requirements to enroll.

Dance Trapeze Level 3 $85Purchase required to enroll

Please have instructor approval prior to enrolling into Level 3.

Aerial Cube $20Purchase required to enroll

This 3 dimensional cube is fun apparatus to explore, especially with a partner.

Pocket Lyra $20Purchase required to enroll

This itty bitty hoop is small enough to fit in your pocket, just kidding... but seriously, the pocket lyra is small. Let Christine show you all the fun ways to explore this apparatus. Experience with metal apparatuses (ie; trapeze, lyra, pole) is recommended. Only 4 spaces available, so don't wait to enroll. 60 Minutes.

Transcendent Trapeze $20Purchase required to enroll

This workshop will explore the technique of spinning and swinging on the trapeze through sequencing. You'll work on creating smooth, seamless transitions that will elevate you to a transcendent level. 60 Minutes. Must be at least a level 2 student.