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Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Dance Fitness Levels 1 - 3

Glow Pole Workshop $15 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Get Glowing this Halloween with this fun pole dancing workshop offered on 10/20 & 10/27

Pole Dance Fitness Level 1 $75Purchase required to enroll

Level 1 Pole Dance Fitness is for entry level and beginner students. Learn how to pose, climb and spin through a fun a dance sequence!

Pole Dance Fitness Level 2 $75Purchase required to enroll

Level 2 Pole will include combination tricks and introduce inversions. Must pass all Level 1 requirements to enroll.

Pole Dance Fitness Level 3 $75Purchase required to enroll

Level 3 Pole will explore mid-air transitions along with inversions that require additional strength and flexibility. Must pass all Level 2 requirements to enroll.

Stilettos $45Purchase required to enroll

Bring your heels for this fun, sexy class where you’ll feel like rock star.

Introduction to Exotic Pole $12 per classFrom $12 per visit with 1 Walk In Visit passNo purchase required to enroll

This workshop will entail learning the foundations of Low Flow (everything below the reach of your hand). This class is welcome to all levels. This class will be up, down and all around the pole all be prepared to work!

Workshop requirements: Pants, Leggings or Leg Warmers and/or Knee Pads and a comfortable pair of heels.

Level Up Pole Workshops $15Purchase required to enroll

Polish the skills you need to advance to the next level of Pole Dance Fitness

Pole Flow $45Purchase required to enroll