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Pole Dance Fitness

At Aerial Arts of Rochester, we offer levels 1 - 3 of pole dance fitness. We ask that students be at least 17 years of age with parental consent. We dance barefoot and attire is shorts with tank or t-shirt. Grip aids are recommended and your instructor will make suggestions in class.

Halloween Glow Pole $22 per classPurchase required to enroll

Get lit! under the blacklights in this Halloween themed pole dance class for entry level - intermediate students. Glow Sticks and body paint will the provided. 75 minutes.

Wear items that will glow under the blacklight such white and neon colors.
Masks are required, feel free to paint one we provide when you arrive that will glow.
Please no jewelry on hands/wrists.
Do not apply lotions or oils prior to class.
Bring or wear shorts so that your legs can grip the pole.
Parking is located across the street in our large, free lot.

Exotic Chair Dance $15 per classPlans available from $70Purchase required to enroll

Exotic chair dance will help you find your sexy, sensual side BUT make no mistake this class isn't just walking around a chair in a pair of heels. Expect to learn slinky ways to mount, transition, slide and balance on the chair. You'll learn choreography that you take home to your so inclined. 45 Minutes.
*pre-req - ability to hold yourself in the plank position.

Pole - Level 1 $18 per classFrom $17 per visit with Introductory Pass (3 Class Package) passPurchase required to enroll

You’ll want to start with Level 1 formatted for entry level students and beginners. You’ll learn the basics from how to grip the pole, stand, sit and execute simple spins.

Exotic Pole Flow $15 per classPlans available from $70Purchase required to enroll

Exotic Pole Flow choreography will have twirling and twerking your way around the pole. Expect to learn unique and challenging transitions in addition to floor work. Bring your heels. 45 Minutes.
Pre-req - We recommend having at least (4) level 1 pole classes under your belt prior to joining.

Pole Level 2 $18 per classFrom $18 per visit with Single Visit - Apparatus passPurchase required to enroll

To advance to Level 2 you will need to have mastered the following; Sit on the pole with no hands needed, Ability to Hold the Split Grip Position and lift feet off the floor, Ability to Climb up the pole 2 times and descend down safely and demonstrate that Muscle Memory has developed so that hand and body placement is second nature. Most students take 8 - 12 classes of Level 1 before moving up to Level 2 as it twice as challenging as level 1.

Pole Level 2B & 3 $18 per classFrom $18 per visit with Single Visit - Apparatus passPurchase required to enroll

In this upper level class, choreography will allow you to explore the art of pole through unique transitions while in the air. Shoulder mounting, handsprings and challenging holds which involve fewer points of contact will be explored. 60 Minutes.