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Aerial Yoga; Hammock Flow

$75Purchase required to enroll

**Please consult with your doctor prior to taking aerial yoga if you have high/low blood pressure, history of stroke or epilepsy. Previous injuries involving nerve damage and other conditions may affect your ability to participate.
Thank You.

Beginner Aerial Yoga; Hammock Flow
This yoga inspired class strengthens and tones as you transition from one pose to the next. Unlike the Vinyasa Flow you will learn more in the hammock through a variety of fun moves, tricks, poses and of course, flight. You will gain flexibility and become acclimated with the use of the hammock and fabrics. This class will also offer a variety of spinal decompression benefits. Some individuals like to start off with aerial yoga and then move into aerial silks classes. Ability to lift your leg to hip height to step into the hammock is required. 45 minutes.

Power Aerial Yoga; Hammock Flow
Power Aerial Yoga is recommended for those who have either previously taken an aerial yoga course at Aerial Arts or series of classes at other studios. You are also welcome to join if you currently practice yoga or participate in other moderate to extreme physical activities. 45 minutes.

Cancellation policy Cancellation Policy
AAOR allows 10 or less participants into our session courses. Due to small class sizes, we ask that you cancel your enrollment a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that we may contact those who have been placed on a waiting list. Should you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the session, we will issue you an account credit for future use. If you are able to provide a doctors note for illness or injury, AAOR will also issue account credit for future use at anytime during the session.

Make Up Class Policy
If you need to miss a class, you are allowed to make up (1) class valid for any walk in class option. Missed classes MUST be made up within the session. Please see the Front Desk for scheduling make ups.