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Pole Dance Fitness Level 2

$80Purchase required to enroll
Pole Dance Fitness Level 2
Level 2 Pole is where you start learning complex spins, static poses and holds in addition to different methods of how to climb the pole. We will explore a variety of combinations and sequences. Basic inversions and handstands will also be introduced. There is so much to learn and explore in level 2, the possibilities are endless. You'll want to hang out in level 2 for an extended time. Students who are ready for level 3, often continue taking level 2 and attend multiple days a week.

Pole Test to Move from Level 2 to Level 3
1) Demonstrate a 1 handed spin
2) Demonstrate a corkscrew motion - pelvis forward and body wraps around the pole
3) Mastered Trophy Pose
4) Show (2) side climbs
5) Ability of hold yourself “mid air” and transition into a sit
6) Flag hold with the belly button facing down
Inversions Include;
7) Chopper is adequate
8) Basic with Crucifix (no hands with 2 exit strategies)
9) Cross Knee Release
10) Inside & Outside Leg Hang with hands on
11) Inverted Pike
12) Knee Hold, Jasmine

Cancellation policy Cancellation Policy
AAOR allows 10 or less participants into our session courses. Due to small class sizes, we ask that you cancel your enrollment a minimum of 24 hours in advance so that we may contact those who have been placed on a waiting list. Should you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the session, we will issue you an account credit for future use. If you are able to provide a doctors note for illness or injury, AAOR will also issue account credit for future use at anytime during the session.

Make Up Class Policy
If you need to miss a class, you are allowed to make up (1) class valid for any walk in class. Missed classes MUST be made up within the session. Please see the Front Desk for scheduling make ups.

Weather Related Cancellations

Should any classes be cancelled because of uncontrollable factors, such as weather, the studio will issue a pro-rated account credit. This credit cannot be exchanged for a refund. Classes will only be cancelled in a state of emergency or unsafe weather conditions. If an unnecessary travel advisory has been issued, depending on the time of the warning, classes will be cancelled. If there is a blizzard, classes will be cancelled. Cancellations will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and (time permitting) emailed to students via Pike13.