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Open Pole

Take this time to practice what you have learned in class, stretch, condition and create! The is no instructor assigned to Open Pole Practice. 60 minutes.

The following Rules Apply....

1) Absolutely NO RINGS! We have recently found several scrapes in the metal poles, please help us to keep the apparatuses in good condition.
2) Clean your pole after use.
3) USE a MAT while doing inversions (going upside down). This rule will be strictly enforced. If you are seen doing inversions without a mat, you will asked to use one. If you are seen doing inversions a second time without the use of a mat, you will be asked to leave. There are additional mats available for use that are stored in studio A.
4) You must have prior experience to attend Open Pole. If you are visiting from another studio, please contact AAoR in advance.