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Pole - Level 1

$20 per class From $15 per visit with Introductory Pass (3 Class Package 13yrs-adults) pass Purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Pole Dance Fitness Level 1
You’ll want to start with Level 1 formatted for entry level students and beginners. You’ll learn the basics from how to grip the pole, stand, sit and execute simple spins. A short choreographed combination will be taught at this level. No prior dance is needed. Don’t worry about your strength, we can help you build that! You’ll see yourself improve every week. 60 minutes.

How do I know if I am ready to move to level 2? Do not move up prematurely as level 2 is a lot more challenging. Students can advance in a little as 4 classes, but most students take 8 - 12 classes of level 1 prior to advancing.

- Sit on the pole with no hands needed
- Ability to Hold the Split Grip Position and lift feet off the floor
- Ability to Climb up the pole 2 times and descend down safely
- Muscle Memory has developed so that hand and body placement is second nature