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Open Aerial

$12 per class From $12 per visit with Open Practice pass Purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $12
Open Practice $12 • 1 visit • Open Practice is for students with active memberships or those who have studio approval. Advance reservations are required. Students must abide by Open Practice Rules and Etiquette. 1 Hour.
Single Visit - Ground Class $16 • 1 visit • This single visit pass will allow you to attend specific classes or practice session. One you have purchased a single visit, you will still need to reserve your space in class via your client account. You can reserve your space from the Class Schedule or from any Class Description page. Unsure how to do this? We can help. Write to aerialartsrochester@gmail.com or call 585-201-8202
Single Visit - Apparatus $20 • 1 visit • (1) Visit valid towards any apparatus (meaning equipment is being used) based class. (ie; Aerial Silks Level 1, FlyBarre, Aerial Yoga)

Wellness Plan $60 every month • Unlimited visits • Unlimited access to fitness, dance, and wellness classes
Includes gym access
Excludes open practice

Basic Membership $85 every month • 5 visits per Month • 5 Visits per month for pole & aerial classes
Auto renew
Roll over unused visits
Includes gym access
1 Free guest pass*
Cancel anytime*

$16 per class

Plus Membership $155 every month • 10 visits per Month • 10 visits per month for pole & aerial classes
Auto renew
Roll over unused visits
Includes gym access
2 Free guest passes*
Cancel anytime*

$15 per class

Premium Membership $215 every month • 15 visits per Month • 15 visits per month for pole, aerial, or ground classes
Auto renew
Roll over unused visits
Includes gym access
3 Free guest passes*
Cancel anytime*

$14 per class

This is time for you to practice what you have learned in class.

- Mats are required at all times.
- The studio will assist you with the sanitation of your apparatus. Please use the same apparatus/mat during your practice session.
- Do not use this time to experiment with new material you have never tried before.
- If you are visiting the studio from another location and do not regularly attend AAoR, you must get studio approval prior to coming in.
- You may not come for open aerial if you have no prior experience.

I understand and will abide by these rules that have been put in place for my safety. I will respect my instructors decision and judgement in determining whether my knowledge or strength is sufficient in executing a specific move. I will spend a sufficient amount of time warming up and stretching prior to getting on the aerial equipment.