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Open Aerial Practice- Walk In (current or approved students)

Open Aerial
Under the supervision of an instructor, come practice what you have learned in class. MUST BE ENROLLED IN AN AERIAL CLASS TO ATTEND.

Open Aerial Practice Rules
Open Aerial Practice is for working on material that you have learned in class.
NO NEW material should be worked on.
Students should not teach students, this can be dangerous.
ASK an instructor to spot you if needed.
Mats are to be used at all times.
Apparatus sharing is common during open aerial.
Open practice is for session enrolled or approved students only.

I understand and will abide by these rules that have been put in place for my safety. I will respect my instructors decision and judgement in determining whether my knowledge or strength is sufficient in executing a specific move. I will spend a sufficient amount of time warming up and stretching prior to getting on the aerial equipment.